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Meetings are open to all members of the Home Owners’ Association

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CC&R Inspections

Inspections are carried out by the management company to insure that all residents comply with the CC&Rs. Things to be mindful of are: weeds, dead plants, garbage cans and other items left outdoors and general appearance of the property.
The inspectors also look for changes to the property made without approval of the ARC.
Night time inspections are mainly for outdoor lights that are out. These inspections are quarterly.
Please check the calendar above for upcoming inspections. It is better to be prepared than to deal with violation notices. Inspection dates are approximate and accurate to within a week.

Association Board Meetings

All homeowners are encouraged to come to all open Association meetings (Executive sessions are closed to the public). There is always an open homeowner’s forum at the beginning and end of every open meeting. Owners may address an agenda item, ask a question of the Board, voice a concern or make a suggestion during this time. If you wish to obtain a copy of the agenda before the meeting you may call the management company. Agendas are available here ten days before a Board meeting. If you wish to obtain minutes of a board meeting they are also available at the management company office. Minutes of the latest meeting will be posted on the Documents page.

The HOA Members meeting will be held at the Terra West offices, unless a specific notification from the Board states otherwise..
The office is located at 6628 Sky Pointe Drive, Suite 280.


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