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Community Landscaping Renovation

The Board of Directors decided that the landscaping of our community has to be renovated. A comprehensive and detailed plan was developed and presented at the Association meeting on October 18, 2017. The detailed plan is available here. This plan will undergo changes as work progresses and availability of specific plant species becomes known. Wall and other repair requirements might also cause changes.

Prohibited plants

The following plants are prohibited in the community:
(a) Olea europaea (“olive”) (other than “fruitless olive,” which shall be permitted)
(b) Morus alba or nigra (“mulberry”)
(c) Cynodon dactylon (“bermuda grass)
(d) Amaranthus palmeri (“careless weed”)
(e) Salsola kali (“Russian thistle”)
(f) Franserian dumosa (“desert ragweed”)

Water Conservation

  1. The Water Authority will help you conserve water and will assist in replacing lawns with desert landscaping (Xeriscape). Details are on their web page.
  2. Conserving water is very important to our community. Water is the single largest expense for the Association. All of us will benefit from simple vigilance: if you see a leak in the water system, please report it as soon as possible to the management company.
    This is doubly important on the outer perimeter of our community. Leaks on the outside happen either as a result of natural aging of our irrigation systems or, more frequently, as a result of tubing being damaged by developer’s signs hammered into the ground.
    If you see signs (usually they appear on the weekends), please report them to the management company and also to the Board.
    Every homeowner in Valley Crest is paying for these losses through our monthly fees. Please help us all save both money and water.


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