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Replacement House Number signs

Replacements for the house number signs in our community can be found here. The signs can also be purchased at:

Statewide Lighting
800 E. Saraha
Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone 702-732-7808

Please notice that non standard or broken signs are unacceptable and will result in a citation and violation.

Parking enforcement

  • The HOA has hired a company to monitor parking violators. You will notice new signs posted on the gates. There will be surveillance visits made 6 times each week. Warnings will be issued and kept in the system for a year.
  • A vehicle found parked in the street between 12pm and 6am will be issued a citation and a sticker will be placed on the vehicle.
  • Once a vehicle has been tagged, the tag will be on record for that vehicle for one year and will be towed any time the vehicle is seen on the street without additional notice.
    It is the responsibility of all residents to inform their visitors that street parking is not allowed from 12am-6am.
  • If your vehicle has been towed, please contact Code Blue Towing at 702-824-7155

Community garage sales

Community garage sales are scheduled twice a year for Friday, Saturday and Sunday:

1. The third weekend in April

2. The second weekend in October.

The garage sales are contingent on at least 15 households signing up for a sale and on people volunteering to hang the signs.


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