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August 03, 2021  

Replacement House Number signs

Replacements for the house number signs in our community can be found here. The signs can also be purchased at:

Statewide Lighting
800 E. Saraha
Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone 702-732-7808

Please notice that non standard or broken signs are unacceptable and will result in a citation and violation.

Parking enforcement

  • The HOA has hired a company to monitor parking violators. You will notice new signs posted on the gates. There will be surveillance visits made 6 times each week. Warnings will be issued and kept in the system for a year.
  • A vehicle found parked in the street between 12pm and 6am will be issued a citation and a sticker will be placed on the vehicle.
  • Once a vehicle has been tagged, the tag will be on record for that vehicle for one year and will be towed any time the vehicle is seen on the street without additional notice.
    It is the responsibility of all residents to inform their visitors that street parking is not allowed from 12am-6am.
  • If your vehicle has been towed, please contact Code Blue Towing at 702-824-7155

Community garage sales

Community garage sales are scheduled twice a year for Friday, Saturday and Sunday:

1. The third weekend in April

2. The second weekend in October.

The garage sales are contingent on at least 15 households signing up for a sale and on people volunteering to hang the signs.

Settlement of lawsuit against Meritage
Posted October 25, 2017

Message from the Board of Directors

Several months ago the HOA’s building defects case against Meritage was settled. The settlement our HOA received was just over $220,000. This case has been in the court system and through negotiations since November 26, 2012.  All discussions regarding this case were during Executive Session.  Confidentially regarding the lawsuit was required.

The verdict obligates the HOA to spend the moneys on repair of COMMUNAL property deemed defective.  Three areas were targeted during litigation.  They included Asphalt, Concrete and Common Area Retaining Walls. The common area retaining walls are those that back up to a common area, not party walls that separate two homeowners.

Most of the asphalt issues were resolved when we re-coated the streets in 2016.  Concrete issues will be reviewed but are minimal.  The largest and most severe issue is the walls.  The walls should have been sealed from the inside at the time they were constructed.  The failure by Meritage to ensure the walls were sealed lead to the lawsuit. The most obvious areas that have leaked excessively are on Tee Pee on both sides of Elkhorn.

The settlement it states: “Place protections at work areas and remove landscape groundcover. Remove shrubs and trees within areas requiring excavation and save for reuse.  Included contingency for replacement of shrubs and trees. Excavate backfill to base of retaining wall.  Clean and prepare surfaces of wall and apply an asphaltic base waterproofer to approximately 2” above the level of the retained soil.  Install waterproofing protection boards, backfill and compact. Restore affected landscape, irrigation systems, etc. Wash the face of the wall with muriatic acid solution, pressure wash and rinse to remove visible efflorescence.”

Tee Pee south of Elkhorn involves only the homeowners back walls that are common.  North of Elkhorn on Tee Pee involves two sections,  the lower area with trees in the planter and the back of the homeowners walls on the top portion.  There is no way we will be able to save the trees and bushes that are in the planter.  This is one of the reason we need to remove the trees on Tee Pee.  We will work with each of the home owners on the top wall individually as necessary.  This is a large undertaking.  We could not disclose that this was in the works until a settlement was reached.  The walls will be clean again and the strength of the structure will be preserved.

Other areas that will undergo the same process but none are as critical as Tee Pee.

Please join us at the November 9, 2017, HOA Board Meeting. During the landscaping session we will go into more detail about the changes you can expect to see as a result of this settlement.  This is a huge win for our community.

Details of the landscaping plan are here.


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